Resume Writing Service

A better job starts with a better resume! A resume is more than a piece of document, it serves as your primary marketing and branding tool. Given the competitive job market, your resume should stand out above all others. It needs to compel recruiters and hiring managers to find out more about you. Your resume should project your potential value to the company; therefore, persuading employers and recruiters to call you in for an interview.

If you've been struggling to write your resume or it's not just generating the kind of response you want, ProHire can help! With our extensive experience in placing candidates, we know how critical the resume is in the recruitment process. ProHire's executive resume writers have 20+ years in corporate recruitment in diverse industries, so our writers can craft resumes that impress potential employers.

We provide a variety of services to assist you reach the next step in your career.

Entry Level Professional (5 Years or Less Experience)

Entry-level resumes are geared for those just starting out recent college grads or entry level professionals. They are simple, focused, and concise documents which highlight all of your experience and education in a manner which sets your best foot forward, and gives potential employers a good idea of what you can offer them. (1 Page Resume)


Mid-Level Professional (5 - 10 Years Experience)

Two-page professional resumes are highly-recommended for those 5-10 years of experience, or those with less than ten years experience, but with more than four positions in the work history. This is a detailed, focused document which sets forth all of your selling points and attributes, including experience, education, special training, qualifications, and accomplishments. This resume is also highly-recommended for those in management and high-level sales positions. (1-2 Page Resume)


Senior Level Professional (10+ Years Experience)

For high-level managers and executive personnel, this resume is a multi-page document which details all key selling points, including professional work history, qualifications, accomplishments, education, special training, professional memberships and affiliations, and any other key selling points. This resume is geared to present all of your key qualifications in a format which is focused, concise, and easy-to-read. (1-2 Page Resume)


Additional Add-On Services

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become a powerful resource for professional networking, and LinkedIn profiles are an integral part of an outstanding, effective LinkedIn presence. Our professional resume LinkedIn profile writing, will make your profile pop and will accentuate your experience and key attributes, and provide an excellent snapshot of what they bring to the table.


Cover Letter

A professionally written Cover Letter designed to support your resume. A cover letter is the first chance to make a winning impression on employers. It should answer the question: why are you the ideal candidate for this job? A great cover letter will inspire a potential employer to move you to the top of the interview pile.


Rush Job

Sometimes opportunities come up that require immediate action and you will be ready with our rush service


What Makes Us Unique?

We deliver online professional writing service to job seekers who understand the importance of professional resume format and content. Our experienced resume writers will insure that your resume or CV contains only employment-related information.

  • 1st We have developed an attractive and professional resume format which gains the attention of the reader.
  • 2nd We have introduced a mix type of resume and CV to insure that all qualifications and employment experience can be presented concisely.
  • 3rd We have built a successful team of resume writers who are able to impress the most experienced job seekers.

We assist top-performing professionals in taking their career to the next level. This means more compensation, better working conditions, and taking a position based on a well-planned career strategy. After the project has been completed, revisions are free up to 6 months as long as the change only requires minor changes, addition, or deletion. Overhaul of the project and / or gearing for a different position does not apply to the free revision or provision.